2 Day Intensive Film Driving Clinic

An intensive 2 day hands-on seminar displaying techniques in precision, performance and stunt driving for films, television, commercials, industrials, music videos and live shows.

Extreme Stunt & Driving Team, one of the most accomplished and respected organizations in the motion picture industry, is offering an intensive 2-day film-driving clinic. This clinic is offered to anyone who is interested in learning the skill of on-camera driving at the professional level.

Whether you are an actor who is building a resume, a filmmaker interested in learning how to work with camera insert cars, or a professional driver looking to brush up on some skills, this clinic is right for you. Our trainers are highly skilled and experienced professionals in the motion picture industry. We are one of the only driving clinics to provide instruction from working Directors and Directors of Photography, providing our students with a greater understanding of what is expected of them on a real working set.

In order to provide you with the best and most personal learning experience, we only accept a limited number of students. To learn more and reserve your space now, email us at info@extremestunt.com or click the link below to register at our online store.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now
  Film Driving Clinic Schedule

Day 1 - Closed Driving Training Facility - NEW GA LOCATION COMING
Classroom education focusing on SAG-AFTRA rules and regulations, safety, and much more. Learning and performing basic stunt (lose and recovery), precision, and performance maneuvers on a closed course. Introduction to camera insert cars.

Day 2 - New Smyrna Speedway - NEW GA LOCATION COMING

Working with camera insert cars. Learning the common calls and maneuvers used on real working sets. Formation driving. Car commercial driving. Making traffic for chase scenes. Shooting chase scenes with camera insert vehicles. Camera dynamics, taking direction, and more.

*venue subject to change per availability
  Topics Covered
  • Classroom instruction
  • Radio, set and car prep etiquette
  • SAG-AFTRA stunt and safety bulletins
  • SAG-AFTRA rules and regulations for on-camera driving
  • SAG-AFTRA commercial contracts
  • Working with camera cars and insert bikes
  • Film precision driving and film stunt driving
  • Skid pad work
  • Formation driving and making traffic for chase sequences
  • Tire pressure and road adhesion
  • Seatbelts and harnesses
  • Hitting the camera mark safely
  • Heel toe breaking
  • Large group turn-arounds
  • Under-steer and over-steer
  • Using mirrors
  • High-speed reverse
  • 90 and 180 degree slides, reverse 180 degree maneuvers
  • Instruction with professional Directors of Directors of Photography
  • Learning common driving calls and direction used on set
  • Camera dynamics and terminology
  Price List

Tuition Rate...........$1500.00*

(*you provide your own rental car - highly recommended)

Personalized RAW footage and photo package included.

We provide a rental car for you................$500.00

The driving clinic will be filmed using our fleet of camera insert vehicles. Each student will receive their personal RAW (unedited) footage, which can be used for their personal use. We provide this feature as both a learning tool and as material that can be used for personal driving reels.

Learning common driving calls and direction used on set