The legendary and Academy Award-Winning Russian Arm, developed by Filmousa, set the standard for mobile remote camera crane systems. It is the most flexible and stable camera system on the market. Shots are set up on the fly and adjusted instantly, saving time between camera set-ups. Sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination.

The Russian Arm System is the unique combination of the gyro-stabilized Flight Head V and a gyro-stabilized remote controlled crane arm. It is safely operated via joystick consoles from within the Porche Race Car.

Tech Specs

  • Pan & Tilt axis are gyro-stabilized
  • 360° panning capability around the ML55 or picture vehicle
  • Reach from the centre post is 14’ with an optional extension to 19'
  • Fulcrum sits 8’ off the ground
  • With an 18 mm lens a full frame top shot can be achieved
  • Stabilization tail fin allows the Russian Arm to pan side to side, back and forth, at high speeds
  • Operating Tilt angle ±45°
  • Speed 6 sec / 360°
  • Max camera payload capacity 61 lbs
  • Weight 661 lbs (RA, FH, Camera, Counter Weights)
  • Set up time on Porche: 1 hour (including camera)
  • The RA is fully controlled from within a car and is capable of operating at speeds up to 105 MPH