The Flight Head V's 4-axis gyro-stabilized design eliminates all bumps & vibrations, resulting in an extremely smooth and stable picture. The FHV is operated via joystick or hand wheels.
Flight Head V comes standard with the Russian Arm and can also be mounted to any of our Camera Cars.

Tech Specs:
  • 4 Axis Gyro-Stabilized
  • Back-pan compensation
  • Digital Auto Horizon always keeps camera level, even in hi G-turns
  • Auto Horizon can be turned off for greater control of Roll Axis
  • Pan axis travels through 360° with back-pan compensation
  • Roll axis travels through 270° with auto horizon


  • Tilt Axis travels through 200°
  • Pan Speed, Roll Speed, Tilt Speed 160 °/ sec
  • Preston FIZ plugs into head console to give zoom control on the left joy stick
  • Payload capacity up to 88 lbs
  • Mounts to standard Mitchell base
  • Dimensions: Length 30 in, Width 22 in, Height 39 in