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Flight Head 6

Flight Head 6 comes standard with the Russian Arm and can also be mounted to any of our Camera Cars.
The Flight Head 6's 4-axis gyro-stabilized design eliminates all bumps & vibrations, resulting in an extremely smooth and stable picture. The FHV is operated via joystick or hand wheels.

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Flight Head Compact

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  • Internal RF Antenna Plug and Play
  • Back-pan compensation
  • RF Wireless capability
  • Digital Auto Horizon (GV) always keeps camera level even in Hi-G turns

Flight Head Mini

The flight head mini is our smallest, lightest and fully digital flight head. It is made of 100% carbon fiber making this a great tool for steady cams, jib arms and any other light weight application. The flight head mini comes ready for shooting in one stand alone case that can be shipped simply and easily

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Flight Head Apex

The newest three axis Flight Head Apex is one of the most compact and highly versatile stabilized camera remote heads on the market. It eliminates camera shake and vibration during fast or rough moves. Works on all types of camera crane arms, dollies, tracking vehicles, cablecams, etc.

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Russian Arm Mini

One of our most versatile tools. The MINI so light that it can be shipped and attached to almost any roof rack. Measurements very slightly per actual camera car.

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The Russian Arm

Still The Leader - Always The Original

The legendary and Academy Award-Winning Russian Arm, developed by Filmousa, set the standard for mobile remote camera crane systems. It is the most flexible and stable camera system on the market. Shots are set up on the fly and adjusted instantly, saving time between camera set-ups. Sequences can be as dynamic as your imagination.

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2 Day Intensive Film Driving Clinic

An intensive 2 day hands-on seminar displaying techniques in precision, performance and stunt driving for films, television, commercials, industrials, music videos and live shows.

Topics Covered:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Radio, set and car prep etiquette
  • SAG-AFTRA stunt and safety bulletins

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Equipment Rental

Equipment Types
  • High Fall and Rigging Equipment
  • Fire Gag and Burn Related Equipment
  • Vehicular Related Equipment

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Stunt Rigging Services

Extreme offers some of the most experienced Stunt Riggers in the business.

All of our Riggers are OSHA certified for high lift/high work equipment operation. When it comes to safety, Extreme has you covered. Our trained professionals make suree you can get your shot on the first take.

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Stunt And Driving Team

The Extreme Stunt, Precision, and Performance Team are a group of male and female professional performers that work in the film and television industry. From high falls and fire gags, to making traffic and flipping cars, Extreme does it all.

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