Camera Cars


  • Custom Modified for Russian Arm
  • Non-Reflective Paint and Wheels
  • On Board HD/SDI Monitors and Recorder/Playback
  • Integrated Communication System and Intercom
  • 500 HP All Wheel Drive V8

The Porche Cayenne Race Car is a high speed, AWD, On/Off-Road shooting platform for the Russian Arm and gyro-stabilized Flight Head V. It has a 5.5L 500HP engine powering the 5 speed tiptronic AWD drive-train. The ML is built on a stiff truck frame, so it can take the stress and punishment it receives. It’s progressive 4 wheel independent suspension straightens out the curves and smoothes out the bumps.

With the ability to reach a top speed of 130 MPH with the Russian Arm, the Porche Cayenne Race Car can take your camera just about anywhere you need it, while achieving the most dynamic shots you can dream up.

This race car has 8 high performance brake calipers and auto leveling air ride with 3 settings:

  • High clearance for rough terrain
  • Regular clearance for normal terrain
  • Low clearance for high speed


  • Top Speed 120 MPH
  • Color HD Monitors
  • On Board Communication System
  • Seating for Camera Operator
  • Full Roll Cage
  • Includes Speed-Rail and Multiple Camera Mounts
  • Compatable with all Remote Heads, including Flight Head V

Build with "speed" in mind, our Mustang Cam - High Speed Camera Car - is perfect for filming action scenes with speeds up to 120 MPH with pin-point precision. Multiple cameras can be hard mounted almost anywhere on this vehicle, or add the Flight Head V to achieve the capablity to operate the pan, tilt, and roll from inside the cockpit.


  • Eight Passenger
  • On Board Monitors
  • Portable Generator
  • Supports Mini-Lenny Crane
  • Process Dolly Systems Available

With both front and rear decks, the Bronco Cam - Camera Car - is a very versatile insert vehicle. The Bronco Cam includes adjustable Speed Rail mounts and an on board portable generator. Allowing up to 8 passengers and equipment, the Bronco Cam's large payload makes this the "work horse" of our fleet.


  • Polaris 6 Wheel Drive
  • On and Off Road
  • Air Ride System
  • Includes Speed Rail and Multiple Camera Mounts
  • Can use flight head mini and flight head compact

Need to shoot in tight spots? The Pony Cam - Camera Bike - is perfect for just that. Whether you need to off-road though the jungle or drive down the sidewalk, this quick, yet nimble Camera Bike is perfect for going places where a full-size camera car cannot.

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